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Day sailing is fun and exciting however there are things you
should think of before booking
a sailing holiday.

-sun protection is important, day sailing on Stir Crazy is very well
protected from the sun with a cockpit cover, however you
should bring your own sunscreen, hats and sunglasses.

-bathing suites and cover ups are wonderful
in the event we get to swim off the boat and for the
evening make sure you bring a warmer
change of clothes in case it's cool.

-footwear is important. Do not wear dress shoes
of any kind. You should bring sailing shoes, or
soft, non-marking soled shoes for your safety.

-you are welcome to bring cameras, binoculars etc. if you wish.

-younger children seem to enjoy the sailing
experience but we feel kids under the age of 4
may be too young but the decision is up to you.

-we supply all safety equipment including
life jackets for each person.

-if you are prone to motion sickness or vertigo please
contact your doctor about the best
solution for you.

Chris and Lorraine would like to thank you for taking
the time to visit our site and
we hope that you will join us in Bayfield
for an unforgettable sailing experience, if we can be
of further assistance please don't hesitate to contact us.




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